How in the world is it already December 21????? And yes, five question marks were definitely called for here. I’m stunned with the speed at which the days are whizzing past. And I know I’ve mentioned this before. And yet I am consistently amazed.

Today I’m testing out my new toy. I have downloaded an app to write my blog posts. Maybe this will help me be more consistent. Time will tell though.

I’m mulling over a post (or series of posts) to sum up the year’s activities. Knitting will be a major topic. Travel is a distant second. Family is woven all through it, too. I’ve already started planning for next year. My Franklin Planner arrived on Wednesday, full of promise with pages to be filled. The latest issue of Real Simple magazine starts a series of challenges to get organized in 2013. Inspiration abounds.

More planning will have to wait until morning. I am tired. G’night, all. Knit on.