I am still stunned at how quickly this year has flown by. But in retrospect, it’s been quite a full year. I joined the Gahanna Community Theater, being cast in their musical production of Mame. This was quickly followed by team formation in preparation for the Women’s 146th Cum Christo weekend. In June, I traveled west to visit my good friend Becky in Colorado. In August I went ever further west, spending a week in Oregon with my aunt & uncle. The last few months of the year were spent close to home, as I was honored to dog sit for a couple families as they traveled for holidays.

As usual, I’ve also been the Knit Meister this year. I had decided late in 2011 that this would be the year of Sweaters, following on 2009 as the year of socks and 2010 as the year of shawls. I achieved my goal to knit six adult sweaters, and I also managed to whip up two baby sweaters as well. There were plenty of other things to knit (and crochet) as well, and the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup on Ravelry continues to motivate me to keep active with my needlework. All told, I completed 22 pairs of socks, 15 shawls, four scarves, six plushies, and a host of other one-offs. Some of these projects were made as gifts (baby, birthday, Christmas, retirement, “just because”), a couple were requested by friends, and a number of them were simply added to my abundant wardrobe. Here is a sampling, spotlighting the three biggest projects (colorwork sweater vest, striped mitered-square skirt and lacy, beaded sparkly shawl):

Knitting 2012

The coming year is sure to hold a host of delightful memories as well. I’ve been cast in the GCT 2013 musical production of Annie. I’ll be on yet another team for the Columbus Cum Christo community. In the Spring I plan to attend a knit/crochet festival in Pittsburgh. My son will graduate with his bachelor’s degree. The capstone adventure of 2013, though, looks to be the Mediterranean cruise a friend is organizing for the fall.

There are also many knitting projects slated for the year. I have three big projects, along with a bunch of little ones (socks & shawls & such). Other things I’m looking forward to in the new year… Season Three of Downton Abbey; sequel movies for Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine and Star Trek; a couple high school graduation celebrations, and more. Thankfully I do have a lot to look forward to, which helps keep me going.

Time for me to get back to some of my year-end tasks before joining friends to celebrate an end and a beginning…

Knit on.