Granted, I haven’t been “doing” a great deal lately, at least not from the perspective of outward adventures. A good chunk of my time has been spent knitting on larger projects, and forging friendships with folks in the knitting community. Ideally I will venture out to meet more of them in Real Life, too.

I do have some adventures planned for the year, and a few have already taken place. The “Biggie” is still a couple months away, but because it’s SO big compared to my past adventures, I am spending quite a bit of time planning.How big is it, you ask? This Fall I will be embarking on a huge adventure, as I fly to Europe to embark on a Mediterranean cruise. Over the course of fifteen days, I shall visit six countries via ten ports. The whole idea was rather mind-blowing when the offer was made to me. I am joining a group of ladies, two of whom I know.

Of course, while I’ve known all year long that I have this Big Adventure looming, I’ve done my best not to let it overwhelm me. After all, I’ve got other fun stuff planned during the year. I have a couple knitting conferences outside of Ohio, a theatrical company reunion (I’m still not sure how it could be thirty years since I debuted onstage in West Side Story…since I’m only 25, lol), and a holiday weekend with my brother & sister-in-law on the East Coast.

All the while, though, the Big Adventure is getting closer…and closer. I have my flights booked, and a couple excursions have been selected via the travel agency. As I am planning what to pack, I’ve become increasingly aware of the concerns of traveling abroad. I’ve obtained an over-sized purse that is constructed to foil thieves, and a waist pack for carrying spending money and ID out of the grasp of pickpockets. Memory cards for the camera are set, and I’ve got a couple different guidebooks to work with in refining my itinerary.

No, I am not excited at all…okay, maybe just a little…or a lot. Any words of wisdom for this novice international traveler?