I’m baaaaaack! It’s been a ridiculously long time since my last post, though I’ve certainly thought about it periodically for nearly two years. Now, with the start of a new Blogging 101 program from WordPress, I’m finally feeling a bit of motivation and inspiration to jump back in here. The other inspiration has been the large number of podcasts I’ve been listening to lately. More on that later though.

I’ve been charged with the task of posting, as the title suggests, about myself and my reason(s) for blogging. I’m a mother/daughter/sister/niece/cousin/friend/co-worker. I work in IT for a global company, supporting some of our proprietary software. I’m active in my church, my knitting group and in a community theater. When time and money permit, I love to travel, and my destination list is growing by leaps and bounds since my son graduated from college.

Why have I decided to blog? Who wants to hear about my escapades as I meander through life? Going back to those podcasts I’ve been listening to, the majority of them are individuals sharing a part of their lives with the listeners. Outside of the NPR entertainment and The Nerdist, the folks I follow are knitters, and they share bits and pieces of their lives, much like I do in my blog.

So, after much thought and consideration, I’ve decided to focus my posts on the three main topics I shared in my oh-so-brief profile: knitting, travel & photography. They can be covered individually or altogether, depending on where I’m spending my time. Other parts of my life may become material for sharing, too, but the trio will at least provide the primary material.

I hope you enjoy accompanying me on this journey…I’m eager to see where it takes me!