Starting Out
With this Blogging 101 program, I’m working on structuring this blog based on the inspirations I wrote about previously. It’ll probably take some time to figure out (1) how I want to present my posts and (2) how to get WordPress to do what I decide in (1). My next challenge is to publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it. The new-to-me element here is the formatting, since I haven’t used any sort of section formatting previously. That being said…here’s what’s new with me!

With the motivation of the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup group on Ravelry, I always have multiple projects in the works. Month-end is generally more laden with FOs (Finished Objects), and every three month term ends up with even more FOs toward the end as I complete my larger projects.

June was somewhat productive for me, and July is shaping up to be similar. Last month, I knit one pair of socks, two baby sweaters, a scarf and a hat, and finished a large cowl that I started in May. This month, I managed to knit a beautiful sweater in seven days, and I finished one shawl while I’m working on finishing another now. Other WIPs (Works In Progress) include a sweater, a shawl and two cowls, all of which I’m trying to finish up this month. Later today I’ll be casting on another shawl to work up this month. In addition, I have a big project of an afghan that is made up of individual blocks, nine in total, that will be a wedding gift later this year. I’ve finished four squares, and I have five more to complete before I connect the blocks and add a border. The fifth block is started and is now 20% complete. Yes, I’m that kind of geek, monitoring my progress on each project with the help of spreadsheets. It helps me stay on target to meet my goals, and it also inspires me to keep working.

With the larger projects, I figure out how many stitches/rows/rounds I need to complete each day to meet my deadline. Most of the time, I’m motivated to exceed that daily target, and that’s what makes me so productive. In a later post I’ll share details on all the knitting I’ve done this year. Meanwhile, here is the sweater I completed this week.


I’ve been blessed in recent years with opportunities to expand my travel horizon. As of right now, I have visited 39 states in the U.S. and eight foreign countries. While I have been within the borders of Germany, which would be a ninth country, since I never stepped out of the airport, I’m not counting that. ♥ Later this year, though, I’m hoping to add two more states to my list, and in a couple years, two more countries.

I’m still in the process of reviewing the photos I took this past May when my son and I traveled to Italy. Having been there briefly in 2013, I was looking forward to getting a more in-depth look at The Eternal City as well as venturing through the many sights in Florence. Once I’ve gotten through the photos, I can share stories of our adventures!


The majority of my picture-taking time has been focused on either knitting or travel, though I am occasionally inspired to snap a more artistic image. I’ve taken a couple classes this year to develop my photography (and photo-editing) skills though. I also have a few favorite spots around Columbus where I like to take pictures. The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium is a frequent subject. Another is Shadowbox Live, an entertainment venue I’ve been patronizing for more than fifteen years. Their facility definitely presents challenges, though photography is encouraged. Last night I had a unique opportunity to witness a performance from behind the curtain, dining and enjoying the scene backstage. Cast & crew were flying past throughout the show, and some took time to stop by and say hi or share tidbits about their experiences in the production.


It’s time for me to publish this post and return to my life already in progress. I’ll continue to mull over the format of my posts, and research formatting options, so stay tuned for what’s next!